world woods library

There is no other natural resource on the planet that has contributed so much to both the health and beauty of this Earth and to the development of the human race, than wood and trees.

From the caveman and his club, to the explorer with his ship and the traveller with his wheel, not to mention heat, shelter and food. Homo sapiens could not have developed into the sophisticated society we know today without wood and trees.

Worldwide there are over 600 species of what are sometimes called softwoods or coniferous (pine, spruce etc) and over 70,000 species of hardwoods or deciduous (oak, mahogany etc).


This gives us some idea of the complexity of the subject. The purpose of the World Woods Library is to stimulate the desire in people to explore for themselves the fascinating World of Wood.
There is no better way to do this than to view, touch and appreciate the very article whilst exploring and discovering its uses and significance.

We hope you enjoy your very own World Woods Library just as much as we enjoyed creating it.